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Designed: Benoît Bodhuin Lajos Major Typface: Mineral by Benoît Bodhuin

Designed by s=eee: Benoît Bodhuin and Lajos Major
Typface: Mineral by Benoît Bodhuin
The s=eee booklet was designed to present our letter based projects from the past 5 years.

The publication was printed in size A7 (105 x 74 millimeters) to fit in any pocket.

The inner pages (signatures) contain only pictures, but the book jacket is a folded poster: one side randomly includes pictures of the group's work, the other side is a short text about the operation of the group
(in English, Russian, French, Icelandic language).

The book is hard covered, secured with a rubber band, which is colour coded according to the given country.
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